We supply only the freshest sea urchin (Nagata No Nama Uni) to restaurants and fish markets domestically and internationally, with daily shipments to Japan.

4511 Everett Ave., Vernon, CA 90058
TEL : 323-585-1200 / FAX : 323-585-1233
Email : ocean.queen@yahoo.com

Since our family established Ocean Queen in 1974, we have continually provided the freshest, top quality sea urchin to restaurants and fish markets locally, domestically, and internationally with daily shipments to Japan's Tsukiji market. Our sea urchin is packed fresh daily on site and we offer free local delivery from our processing plant located in Vernon, CA. Ocean Queen has over 70 employees which include sea urchin processors and packers. We also currently have 16 reliable sea urchin boats with over 35 divers fishing in Santa Barbara, CA. We then have a 35-foot refrigerated semi-trailer truck transport the live sea urchin from the Santa Barbara harbor to our plant in Vernon, CA where we process and pack the sea urchin on site.

Place an order of our renowned sea urchin today and see why purchasing from Ocean Queen is the best choice for fresh, top quality, flavorful sea urchin.

Company Name Ocean Queen
Address 4511 Everett Ave., Vernon, CA 90058
Established 1974
Phone Number 323-585-1200
Fax Number 323-585-1233
Website www.oceanqueenusa.com
Email ocean.queen@yahoo.com

President Yuho Nagata (1st Generation)
Vice President Keiko Nagata (1st Generation)
Manager Shiko Nagata (1st Generation)
Plant/Sales Manager Kai Nagata (2nd Generation)
Plant/Sales Manager Ryo Nagata (2nd Generation)
Account Manager Millie Nagata (2nd Generation)